Goldfinger - 99 Red Balloons

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Goldfinger's official music video for '99 Red Balloons'. Click to listen to Goldfinger on Spotify: featured on The Best Of Goldfinger. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Play: from GoldfingerHere In Your Bedroom: great Alternative 00s videos here: GoldfingerWebsite: to Goldfinger on YouTube: and I in a little toy shopbuy a bag of balloons with the money we've gotSet them free at the break of dawn'Til one by one, they were goneBack at base, bugs in the softwareFlash the message, "Something's out there"Floating in the summer sky99 red balloons go by.99 red balloons floating in the summer skyPanic bells, it's red alertThere's something here from somewhere elseThe war machine, it springs to lifeOpens up one eager eyeFocusing it on the skyAs 99 red balloons go by.